Safety awareness is needed on Day One and every day there after.

 Safety awareness cannot wait for entry level training to be scheduled and must be refreshed as seasonal volunteers return to the fire department.

This site has safety related information to help you stay current.

A Volunteer Fire Department has the same safety challenges as a paid fire department,

 but must face them with fewer resources.

This website is provided as a source of fire department safety information that has been found to be useful and should be shared with others who are interested in firefighter safety.

About Us

As firefighters, we are all in this together – and we are glad you are visiting this site. This is our online information source to share ideas and publicize recommended operating policies and guidelines.

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Our Work

The business and purpose of a fire department is to prevent fire, safeguard the lives and property of all the people in the town and to implement fire suppression and rescue operations when called upon to do so for the saving of life, property, and resources.

Every emergency scene is dynamic and poses its own set of challenges.

No SOP or SOG can take into account all potential circumstances.

If a policy or standard guidance will endanger a person, a safer more productive alternative should be followed. Remember to be logical and flexible--do not allow standards to take the place of Common Sense.