and provide excellent background information about nozzles and reaction forces. The national Fallen Firefighters Foundation has a program to prevent line-of-duty deaths and injuries base on 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives. This insurance company provides checklists and evaluation sheets for emergency vehicles. 

However, your checklists and inspections should be more than is the equipment there. Make sure you include evaluating the condition and operational readiness. for news, opinions, and useful articles.  is a direct link to weekly drill suggestions. has the "6 Minutes for Safety" --  an excellent source to training background and suggestions for wildland fire situations..

FEMA Fire Grant Website:

FEMA Portal Login:

FEMA responder knowledge base

FEMA NIMS (National Incident Management System)

List of Homeland Security Standards



 NFPA has made all of their standards available on-line (with or without NFPA membership). You can view the standard(s) but you cannot print, download, or "cut & paste" the language.

Here is how it works: Go to:
and register at the site and confirm your e-mail. Select the document you want to review. Scroll down to the heading "Additional information about this document" and click on the link under "View the document online" and you must agree to the conditions to read only.