Emergency communication must supersede all other communication traffic and will be acknowledged immediately.

State "Emergency Trafic" within the transmission.

Only used for life threating situations or other serious emergencies

 All traffic to dispatch must relate to status of units, messages to mitegate an incident, or messages required for incident reporting purposes.

Terminology to Communicate Aparatus Status to Dispatch

Delayed Response - unit is responding, but from out of the normal area.

In Service - unit ready to respond, in or out of station

On the Scene - unit at the incident, not available to respond to another call

Out of Service - unit not available to respond

Respondiing - unit enroute to incident, not available for another call

Returning - unit enroute to station, can be in or out of service--you must indicate status. Out of service if critical supplies need to be replenished or repaired.

Staged - unit on scene at the staging area awaiting tactical assignment

In order for the dispatcher to accurately record your transmission, state "Dispatch from" your apparatus designator, such as Town Engine 1, then pause for a response from dispatch prior to continuing with your message 

All traffic will include the identifier of who is being called followed by who is calling.

The unit identifier used in the response will be recognized as an acknoledgement by the unit called.

For example,

Brush 1 from Engine 1 switch to Blue frequency. 

Brush 1 switching to Blue frequency.